jysla kay

MBFWA Day #1 - Style Snaps

jysla kay
(Candice Lake http://candicelake.com/)
  (Connie http://fellt.com/kisforkani)
 (Anne frothandcloth.com)

(Geneva http://apair-andaspare.blogspot.com.au/ / Yenny http://studdedhearts.blogspot.com.au/)
 (Marcus http://martanmain.blogspot.com.au/)

(Emma http://spindizzyfall.blogspot.com.au/)

(Jess jesslovesfred.com)

Can't believe I'm already about 3-4 posts behind, argh! Keep your eyes peeled for a flood of (late) posts. Hope you enjoy seeing MBFWA through my eyes.

Quick summary of the day:
- squealed inwardly when I spotted the gorgeous and talented Candice Lake, my absolute idol
- met Jess, Connie, Marcus, Anne and Christian who all saved me from being alone and lost
- forgot to charge my camera, and clear my card, and also dropped my camera
- attended Dylan Cooper and Miss Unkon (photos soon!)

Almost forgot to snap my outfit for the day, but luckily the sweet Connie snapped one for me:

(Miss Unkon jacket, Glassons dress, Wittner heels, YSL clutch, YSL lipstick #110)