jysla kayMBFWA, photos

Hardwick / MBFWA Day #3

jysla kayMBFWA, photos

Ethereal and surreal are the words that come to mind when I think of Hardwick's installation at 'The Box' at MBFWA. Every 'image' on the backdrop was rather, a compilation of videos paired with a beautiful soundtrack - and it was all down to luck when I managed to capture images of the moon and a galaxy.

Haunting music and flickering of projected images on the dresses strangely reminded me of driving in the city at night where headlights of cars passing by lit up streets and night wanderers. In those first few minutes of the presentation, glimpses of the models were all we could see, and the wild lights caused some confusion and frustration among media and photographers.

It was a brief but beautiful installation. Delicate lace patterns and a silhouette drawn to the waist. Pulled back hair and high necklines pulled out the Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte in me.