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Natural Stones

jysla kayoutfit
 (Vintage shirt, DIY skirt, Temt bag, Witchery necklace, ASOS boots, Sportsgirl 'Lace' nail polish)

So as I upload these pictures, I realise that my shirt is absurdly creased, but I promise it was crease-free when I put it on this morning. I am wearing more colour in this one outfit, than I usually ever do -- even if they may be colours leaning more towards neutral. My nails are enjoying all sorts of pastel polish, from a frosty blue to a lilac from Sportsgirl called 'Lace'.

Say hello to my mushroom hair. I can't wait for my layers to grow out, because my hair is way too thick to have that many layers up top. But how many times do we walk away from the hairdressers completely satisfied? Partly because I walked in there, not having the slightest idea what I actually wanted.

Hope this weather isn't destroying everyone's plans. It's a shame that our Summer has only been consistent in rainy days.