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jysla kayoutfit
(Myer hat, thrifted oversized sweater, Mooloola faux leather backpack, ASOS boots)

I thought I had lost my hat, but I finally found it smothered by the mess of my own room, and I am complete once again. It took me so long to find a hat that actually suited me, because most hats just don't suit my face shape, so I hold onto this woolly treasure like there's no tomorrow. I haven't stopped wearing it since I found it again - probably subconsciously afraid that if I put it down somewhere, I'll never remember where or find it again.

I am in my usual colours of tan/white/black today, but thankfully my nails added a pop of colour to the outfit. I'm not anti-colour, I promise, I'm just not one to be attracted to bold coloured pieces when I shop. My peacock feather necklace (psst... it's actually an earring I hooked onto a gold chain) adds some subtle colours too.

Also, anyone with wavy hair who also straightens it regularly... WHY???
I would kill to wake up with wild, frizzy waves everyday. My hair is fairly thick, but it just looks like it lacks so much volume when it's straight. I just like messy, big hair. And for me, the right kind of hair can really complete an outfit.

Hope you all bagged some great bargains at the Boxing Day sale! I know I sure did..