jysla kayoutfit


jysla kayoutfit
White singlet (Cotton On) / Pleated mid-length skirt (a random brandless store) / Tasseled patchwork bag & cross necklace with beads (Sportsgirl) / Grey/brown wedges (Betts)

I am seriously tempted to turn this pleated skirt into something half sheer by cutting the lining underneath to an appropriate length, but I'm afraid I'll ruin it with crooked cutting or bad length estimations. Learning to sew is probably right at the top of my bucket list, along with learning to cook and play piano. It just seems so damn useful to be able to alter a wardrobe, or to be able to repair something.

This tasseled bag from Sportsgirl is my current obsession, I use it almost everytime I go out. It's actually a decent size for carrying things (for me it's a Sudoku book, the two novels (pictured above) and my chunky wallet) and best of all, it adds a splash of colour to my outfit which is almost always a palette of neutral colours. Not to mention, the leather-ish material it's made from is amazingly soft.

Don't forget: less than a week left for the giveaway!