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brightest hour

jysla kayphotos
model: janika @ chadwick
hair and makeup: emma k.

A small and very quick test shoot I did about a month ago, right after I shot some new designs for LULU IN CHAINS. We were both exhausted, so we probably only spent about 10 minutes shooting before we decided we couldn't be bothered anymore, and that it was too much effort. Mutual laziness.

I went a little off track with the last two photos, and experimented with the editing a bit, but it was fun. 

P.S. This was and will be the last test shoot with my 450D! (I think). Loving my new 5D Mark II (even though I know the Mark III is due to be released sometime next year. I couldn't wait). Keep your eyes peeled for short films and lots of test shoots to come. So much in store!