jysla kayoutfit

military & lace

jysla kayoutfit

sportsgirl white lace top | chicabooti scallop lace shorts | arvust men's military coat | thrifted knitted vest

first of all, i have to thank my patient boyfriend for putting up with the rain and my fussy directions to get these photos done. it's been getting a little warmer lately despite the rain and dark skies, and it's become the kind of weather that i love - cool enough to layer up, and warm enough for bare legs. i bought the military coat yesterday from general pants (from the men's section) at a bargain price, so be sure to check out their spring sales because i always manage to find something new everytime i go.

i'm not much of a jewellery/accessory person now, but i do wear the occasional ring and pendant here and there. it might be because i go a little crazy sometimes on the combination of textures that jewellery seems overkill.

p.s. sometimes i actually walk around uni with my shoelaces untied (and trip all over them like the classy person i am), but i practically live in boots these days, and am planning on investing in some amazing black and burgundy doc martens.