jysla kayoutfit

burn out brighter

jysla kayoutfit
sportsgirl knitted cardigan
long-sleeved white cotton shirt from hong kong markets
black wedges from city beach (for $14!!)
'sunlight bronze' nailpolish by maybelline

I had just begun to set up my tripod, when my boyfriend pulled up in the driveway, so I had him take a few quick shots in my front yard before we headed off. The sun disappeared a few times but it was so warm that I had to take off my jacket right after shooting. I love the warmth of spring but at the same time, I'm dreading the sticky humid days where you just want to cut off all your hair and burn your thick socks. I get pretty lazy in summer and just wear my high-waisted shorts with boots but my challenge this season is to wear more colours.

I bought the book in the last picture simply because of the gorgeous front cover, and didn't even bother to read the blurb in the back. I now have something to read on the hour and half trip to uni, but after reading Pride and Prejudice, everything appears to pale in comparison to Jane Austen's writing.

FYI, my hair is always pinned back (which I hate so much) because my fringe is still growing out, and I cringe every morning because I'm the kind of person that just gets out of bed without bothering to do my hair, because it's so heavy that it just stays straight most of the time. I can't really play around with different hairstyles without using a LOT of bobby pins or hairspray, because little stubborn flyaway strands manage to stay on my face.