jysla kayoutfit, self

with a boy like you

jysla kayoutfit, self
mum's leather jacket from hong kong
cotton jumper with back detail from @topshop (a small store that pretends to be topshop)
hat from myer
lace up boots from ice

I managed to snap a few pictures of my outfit today as soon as I got home from uni in the last few minutes before the sun disappeared. I never thought it was possible to wear something so comfortable in winter, but Sydney was so lovely today that even the breeze was welcoming. Wearing minimal colours as usual, but I'll never grow out of my greys, blacks, cremes and whites. I'm trying to add a bit more colour into my wardrobe as the weather gets warmer (note the use of 'try' because I am so stubborn) but I've put a limit on the amount of shopping I do for the next few months because it's about time I invest in a new camera and lens. Perfect timing too, because a sudden influx of jobs just came my way, but it's going to take so much self control not to go on a wild shopping spree.

I couldn't (and didn't have time to) find my remote today, so I was frustrated trying to manually focus on some random spot on the ground and running to the wrong identical patch of grass too far to the right. Not to mention that my neighbours think that I am the strangest person on the street because I don't think they could see the camera behind the car... only me running around in my front yard every 10 seconds.

If you're from sydney, I hope you're loving this weather just as much as I am!