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jysla kayoutfit
$40 grey oversized jumper (from ICE, but it's not an ICE label...) | $30 brown cropped ICE button-up | $10 black chiffon dress (from a mock topshop store) | $3 brass ring from Diva | $14 black wide brim hat from Myer | $5 Kmart lace-up canvas sneakers

i rushed home from uni, and was lucky enough to catch the last hour of sunlight for self portraits. dog walkers and baby strollers passed by and everyone stared curiously at the girl twirling and running back and forth. (spot the remote!). i didn't realise until typing up the description of each piece of clothing, that i happened to wear two pieces from ICE. hey, before you judge, it's not my favourite store but i always believe you can find a few treasures in between the racks and racks of excessively tight and revealing metallic or shimmery dresses. clearly i'm a lover of bargains, and as a consequence, my wardrobe is slowly building up to an incredibly ridiculous mountain pile of fabrics.

i want to set up a small online store on facebook (or on here..) where i can sell my clothes, and use the money to buy.... more clothes! my mum is getting angrier and angrier each day. i don't seem to see the problem with having 3 wardrobes. as long as you don't open it, you won't be strangled by piles of clothes.

p.s. please don't mind my horrible nails, i really need to repaint them. i'm on the hunt for some quirky colours to add a splash of something-other-than-black/grey/white to my outfit. a sky blue or fairy floss pink?

p.p.s. I LOVE THAT HAT. i have tried on a gazillion different hats, and they all looked funny with my face and head. but this one is perfect and it was so heavily discounted...score!