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guns and horses

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guns and horses - ellie goulding

valleygirl blouse | thrifted levi shorts & burgundy shawl/cardigan

the weather was so nice today... makes me so much more excited for spring! the warm weather was enough of an excuse for me to wear my $3 levi shorts (bargain, right?!) that i was lucky enough to find at newtown markets. my favourite colour this season is burgundy, so it's bold change from my usual greys, whites and blacks (and sometimes, you'll spot me wearing pastel pinks and creams).

this is my first fashion post on this blog, and it's a simple, casual style that i wear often when i'm heading to the local shops or my boyfriend's house. i'm big on bargain shopping, and i appreciate the style of a piece of clothing over its label, so you won't see me wearing big name brands all that often. that said, i'm super passionate about fashion, and i love to layer, and experiment. i had originally wanted to create a separate blog for my look posts, but decided it was easier to combine it with my photography blog so that i would update more regularly, so i apologise to my current followers who don't enjoy these kinds of posts!

i'm going to try so hard to post looks regularly! (p.s. photos will be taken by my boyfriend) x