jysla kay

watching life in slow motion

jysla kay
sorry i didn't quite get around to taking those pictures i promised. i don't usually take self-portraits when my family are home (unless they are preoccupied for a while) because my mum freaks out and interrogates me when i do. so - just my luck - she was home and was constantly on the move.

ah, well... the idea has been written down so i'll get around to it soon hopefully.

i went on a little city roaming trip today and relaxed by the water fountain watching 'mr incredibubble' (that was really what he called himself) and listened to a busker playing the saxophone (so so so lovely and soothing) and the sounds of gushing water.

and i also tweeted about this little girl i met who was so unlike other children at the park. instead of running around (like children often do), she was staring at the people walking past and lounging by the water fountain near us. she constantly smoothed, then messed up her hair and at one point she curled up into a small ball and closed her eyes. i took an instant liking to her, and she told me her name was 'alexandria'. i took a few pictures of her while she was caught up in her own little world and she was so distracted that she didn't even realise. luckily, her mother didn't mind!

ooft, that's enough talking from me... hope everyone had a peaceful day (and night... unlike mine).

jysla x