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a dreamt reality

jysla kay

pictures taken a few hours ago, on the way home from a photoshoot. i was (literally) blinded by the sunset but it was honestly so beautiful. the way it lights up everything makes it appear surreal. i try to take the time, now and then, to stop and absorb life - appreciating the world that we take for granted.

that blog post by julia trotti is really quite beautiful, if you haven't seen it already... you're missing out!

"i like taking photos from car windows, you don't have time to think about what you're taking a photo of, no time to change your settings or to compose something perfect. you take photos of the world flying past you and don't have time to think about it, so they come out exactly as it is, imperfect but beautiful. they are a memory and they are rushed but also take time. running past, but standing still."

jysla x