A recent roll of photos I developed, uploaded straight from the scanner without editing. I don't post-process film photos so that I can retain that raw and imperfect beauty of film. All my endless complaints of lugging a heavy camera around with me at uni goes out the window when I finally have the set of warm photos in my hands. As much as I love digital cameras, they'll never quite replace the sentimental value of film. Each developed roll of film is my personal photo journal, each photo representing some particular moment that I still remember capturing - the conversation or train of thought that I interrupted to press the shutter or the tough decision I ponder over whether the shutter speed should be 1/500 or 1/250.

Film will always be a passion, and when the opportunity arises to travel, I'll have rolls and rolls and rolls of film in plastic canisters on my hotel bed - waiting to see how the photos turned out. Just like snail mail and finally receiving that package in the mail, sometimes the anticipation makes the outcome sweeter, and instant isn't always better. I'm not a patient person at all, but there's something about film I can't resist.

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