(Vintage blouse, Grandma's skirt, Olga Berg clutch, Sportsgirl heels)

There's a huge shed at the back of my house, which pretty much stores all of my Grandma's unwanted things ever since she moved from a house to an apartment, so every now and then when my mum cleans it out, we find strange and amazing pieces from my Grandma's younger days - like this skirt that fits me better than most skirts I own.

Right now, at the top of my worry list, is my moving teeth. Being too lazy (and scared) to get my wisdom teeth removed means that my mouth feels crowded again. I had braces about 2 years ago, and I regret not wearing my retainers regularly because they don't fit anymore and I have a strange overbite (or lack of). My orthodontist tells me my problem is big teeth and a small mouth. Thanks for the bad genes Dad?

jysla kay