frames of life... with OPSM

You guys probably already know that I'm short-sighted. I've gone through a fair few pairs of glasses over the years throughout high school. Let's be honest - I really don't like wearing glasses. They always leave marks on the bridge of my nose and slip down whenever I lower my head to take notes. But then... OPSM invited me in to their recently opened World Square store for an eye examination and to check out their range of Asian-fit optical frames. I initially thought to myself, "Awesome, it's been a while since my last check-up and I'm curious to see how the Asian-fit frames are different."

As a quick aside, for those who are interested, the eye examinations were beyond cool. Everything automated, super efficient and accurate and none of that painfully long, close-contact 'is this lens better?' test. A tech geek's dream. My family has a history of eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma which OPSM also tested for. My eyes were treated to the full work-up and thankfully - they're perfectly healthy and normal (despite, you know, the short-sightedness and all).

Anyway, I realised that the problems I've had with glasses wasn't because of me personally - it was because I was ASIAN. Figures. But honestly, I was blown away by the OPSM's premium brands that catered to Asian faces including Miu Miu and Prada.

Just like clothing - the frames we wear say something about us - and I wanted my choice to reflect my style, nothing too crazy or ostentatious but something simple with distinct but subtle details. After trying on a LOT of cat-eye shapes, I slowly edged my way to the men's frames and found the perfect pair. Giorgio Armani. Tortoise shell. Frames of Life. Sold.

P.S. The service at OPSM's World Square store is fantastic. Really friendly and helpful staff. Biggest green tick in my books.

Have you ever had a bad experience with optometrists and eye tests? Maybe it was just me...

                  Gotta love how creepy I look in these ones. Kudos to whoever can pull these frames off.


        Gotta love how creepy I look in these ones. Kudos to whoever can pull these frames off.

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