Friday, March 1, 2013

people watching, rainy days

Favourite thing about my apartment is the balcony even though the days are getting way too cold to spend time outside. As creepy as it sounds, it's great for people watching.

This is what draws me to cafes and busy areas - it's amazing how many different personalities you see and it's always good fun trying to guess what people are like. If I could write or draw then it would probably make more sense, but I'm hopeless at both so nothing creative comes out of it.

And if I wasn't so scared of being yelled at or arrested, I'd take my film camera with me everywhere to capture people in their element. Not a stalker, promise.


  1. Street photography, is something I would really wish to have a go at. But that fear of getting harassed at someone not wanting a photo of them on my camera is something I have't gotten over. Candids of strangers, I like that. (I'm not a stalker either, promise).

  2. I completely agree - people watching is just as entertaining as watching TV, if not more. The possibilities are endless as you match peoples appearances with an imagined life. I'm envious of your perfect balcony!


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