Wednesday, February 27, 2013

black and gold

A few snaps from Valentine's day which started with a very strong iced mocha and ended with ballroom dancing.

Flats are not always comfortable! Wore my Zara studded flats that day and was left with angry red blisters that not even papaw could prevent. I can deal with aching feet but I'm a whiny mess when skin starts breaking.

I also took my beautiful new CĂ©line out for the first time! I love how much it carries but still trying to figure out a comfortable way to carry it without coming across like this... haha.

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  1. Ha! You could never be that girl...

  2. In love with the whole outfit! Obsessing over your Celine bag. Such a beaut!!!

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  4. That bag <3 xx

  5. Looks like your Valentine's day was full of some very fabulous and lovely things!
    Speaking of lovely, that Celine bag is oh so dreamy and utterly breathtaking. It only seems fitting that you took it out for the first time on the day of love! :)

    So sorry to hear that your flats were uncomfortable...I'm completely with you on the whole skin breaking thing. Just thinking about it now is giving me shivers.

    Even in spite of the blisters though, it seems like you ended up enjoying your day! Iced mochas are yummy and ballroom dancing just sounds so classy and romantic and fabulous in all the best of ways.
    And seriously, you were carrying that stunner of a bag and wearing a fluffy furry vest. Honestly, it would be impossible for your day to be that unbearable. Fluffy things+food+pretty shiny leathery things automatically equals a good time. Never mind that my math skills may not be the best. I know what I'm talking about :)

    Good luck with figuring out the best way to carry your bag. Practice makes perfect so you better keep working at it heehee.
    As for that girl, oh my. Such sassiness. Attitude to spare. Something tells me you're too cool to ever be like her.

    Hope your week is going swell!



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