Thursday, March 1, 2012

half moon

Model: Roelene (Chadwick)
Hair and make-up: Josie Nakhoul
Styling/Photography: Jysla Kay

As soon as I saw this post by Geneva from A Pair & A Spare inspired by Givenchy's S/S runway show, I knew I had to recreate it in one of my shoots. Different, and maybe a little creepy but 100% fun with a touch of sparkle. Pixie-faced Roelene was so much fun to shoot with, happily standing in the middle of traffic and dancing in the rain -- all for the sake of some shots.

This was the quickest test shoot I've ever done, but it sits high up there with my favourites - an effortless shoot with countless hair flips and stubborn rain.


  1. these are some amazing pictures!!

    i love the see-through button down that roelene is wearing paired with the shimmery skirt. do you mind sharing where you got the clothes? :)

    the first picture is fantastic, with the lighting and the eye makeup combining to form something beautiful!!


  2. Ah you are such a good photographer! <3 love it all! xx

  3. @ A
    Thank you lovely!! This probably won't help since the clothes are quite old or are hand-me-downs but I hope you can find something similar:

    Blazer & sheer blouse - used to belong to my Mum and Grandma.
    Skirt - a really, really old dress from when I was younger that I did a little DIY project on by adding an elastic and turning it into a skirt.
    Jumpsuit - ICE (from a long time ago).
    Grey cardigan/shawl - Target
    Lace dress - Forever New (Model's own)
    Hat - Myer


  4. great as post Jysla!! first your works caught my attention through Nic's blog..and now this =) officially following you in bloglovin ^^
    love that bit of sequinned make-up. it adds a really fresh touch to the eyes :D

    Style Hostess

  5. Oh these are just too beautiful!!!
    I saw that post too, I love it but could never pull it off myself!

    x x Stace

  6. these photos are breath taking! So beautiful

  7. wow wow wow wow wow I love this! You are such a talented photographer. Somehow you make a difficult beauty trend work! xxx

  8. i like that black blouse and dress :)

  9. I am in love with the styling and shots. Rocking it!


    Dark Blue Stripes

  10. Great work as always!

    Didn't know you followed A Pair and A Spare! :)

  11. Just beautiful and amazing pictures!


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